FJ Cruiser Owners Club - UAE

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Dear all, is simply a forum and fan website for all interested parties in the UAE and beyond to meet and discuss any common interests or technical issues they may have.

We are in no way a club or association of any kind - we do not and will not organise any events or gatherings that would compromise any UAE laws.

Members of the forum may at their own discretion organise a 'meet' at the own risk and this would of course be private and have no backing from whatsoever.

It goes without saying that can not and will not be held accountable for any reason whatsoever for any loss or injury incurred if said party was to attend any private meets/ drives organised by members for their own pleasure/ entertainment. All members are fully accountable for, but not limited to, themselves, their passengers, their vehicles and/ or their actions.


Now that is all over...get out there and have fun!!


But, please be safe, respectful and remember to take your litter home!!

© 2008 - EJF



Click the above link to be directed to the new FJ Cruiser Forum for the United Arab Emirates.  


Check out all the new photos uploaded to 'Picture Showcase' in the open-to-all forum.


We are now proud to associate ourselves with Mebar, Dubai - the premier performance upgrade establishment.


Check out the Mebar link for further details and contact information.



Welcome to the new   FJ Cruiser fan base for the United Arab Emirates.



We've added a new forum to enable everyone to share their ideas and ask/ answer any technical questions they may have.  Check it out!